By Jack Daly

Many small to medium businesses that contact me to train their workforce struggle with funding the budget to afford my services, or really any outside training sources.

Some executives say they are weary of investing in training because of a high turnover rate and they can’t recoup any of the money invested in an employee who leaves. Others say their team is too small and they plan on sticking with training in-house rather than investing so much in their employees.

Ideologies like these are reasons that many businesses fail. Without the continual pursuit of new-age business practices and proven systems and processes to grow, most businesses will remain where they are, eventually passed by competitors who understand the importance of being “all-in” with their employees.

I’m very excited to tell you about a new partnership I have entered into with a great friend of mine, Susan Leger Ferraro, to help small to medium businesses gain access to state and federal funds to pay for all workforce training! These workforce development funds are grants (money that you don’t have to pay back!) available to FOR PROFIT AND NON PROFIT businesses WHO PAY INTO state unemployment in all states in the USA. Most businesses know nothing about this fantastic opportunity, and IN FACT SUSAN CALLS IT THE BEST KEPT SECRET FOR BUSINESSES!

In the past few years, Susan has been able to assist scores OF BUSINESS LEADERS LIKE YOU to secure OVER $40 M of this grant funding.  Her team knows the formula to get your business these training funds; her WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT grant writing efforts have been successful 100% of the time! YOU CAN CHECK OUT HER STORY AT

With Susan’s expertise on board, we are offering priority access to FULL GRANT WRITING SERVICES, expediting your access to this hard-to-believe opportunity. CAN YOU IMAGINE unlocking $150K IN TRAINING FUNDS annually TO INVEST IN YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET- HUMAN CAPITAL, with only A 5% cost to your business. These FUNDS allow YOUR COMPANY to thrive and grow, building rather than depleting your bottom line.

We are further offering a grant writing discount for those businesses who want Jack Daly as part of their training curriculum. Please contact us at (855) 733-7378 to set up an initial free consultation where we can determine the level of assistance needed to get your business the funding it needs.