“I am deeply committed to helping others achieve their dreams. To that end, I work closely with clients to understand their goals and help them leverage assets in this sharing economy.”

Creative Capital

Susan and her team work with socially conscious private and public organizations across the nation, facilitating access to alternative, free capital, including state and federal funding, labor and workforce development funding, microfinance loans, and crowdsourcing. Along with her colleagues, Susan writes and manages grants to deliver funding for hiring, soft skills training, on-the-job training, leadership training and development, and more.

Susan and her team collaborate with numerous multi-state organizations to facilitate access to funding in all states in which they operate. Among Susan’s team’s funding achievements are:


Department of Labor and Workforce Development Grants

Health Care $72,000
Education $5,100,000
Real Estate $240,000
Hospitality $964,000
Staffing $223,000
Housing and Economic Development $750,000


Hiring Incentive Training Grants

Hiring Incentive Training Grants $500,000


Safety Training Grants

Safety Training Grants $50,000



ESOL/GED $98,000


Innovation Grants

US DEPT of Education Little Sprouts Early Education $10,000,000
National Institute for Health (NIH) Innovation Grant $2,000,000
Center For Public Broadcasting (CPB) $150,000
National Science Foundation (NSF) $800,000
National Grid STEM Grant $150,000
City Year $600,000
Whole Foods Foundation $30,000
Verizon $200,000
UP Academy $40,000
General Mills $150,000
Fusion Education $50,000
Boloco $121,000
South Bay Health $249,000
Double N Real Estate $249,000
Chopra Center $50,000